England XIII Events 2012/3




National events can be found on the UK & I website - Follow this LINK




January 2014 


 Wed. 22nd - Evening get together - The Narrow Boat, A5, Weedon 7.30pm



Annual General Meeting -


Wed. 19th February 2014 - Willoughby Cricket Club - CV23 8BZ 



February 2014 



 See above - This months evening get together is the Annual General Meeting on Wed 19th at Willoughby Cricket Club. Who are your Chapter Officers? Are you happy with what is happening? Do you wish to stand and be elected for a post. Come along and have your say and vote. Bar etc.



 March 2014 


Wed. 19th March - Evening get together at The Narrow Boat, A5, Weedon - 7.30pm




April 2014 

Sat. 5th/Sun. 6th April. camping w/e Wales 1 - Details to follow  


Sun. 13th April - Sunday breakfast meet - 10.30 The Super Sausage (Weather permitting)


Wed. 23rd April - Evening get together at The Narrow Boat, A5, Weedon - 7.30pm


Fri. 25th to Sun. 27th St. Georges weekend, Barnstaple, Devon. England XIV





 May 2014


Sunday Breakfast meet - 08.30 - 09.00 11th May - Super Sausage Cafe




 June 2014


Sunday Breakfast meet - 08.30 09.00 8th June - Super Sausage 



 Mon 23rd to Sun 29th - International Convention, Waidring , Austria.






July 2014 


Sunday Breakfast meet - 08.30 - 09.00 13th July - Super Sausage Cafe


Sunday 20th July - UK COPS Lawride ( All to attend please! )






August 2014 


Sunday Breakfast meet - 08.30 - 09.00 10th August - Super Sausage Cafe 


Fri 15th - Sun 17th Aug. Cops n Robbers Rally, Kent, England II



Fri 29th to Sun 31st August - Cloister Rally - England 3 (Durham)



Sun 31st Aug to Fri 5th Sept - West Highland Week - England 3 (follow on from Cloister rally)





September 2014


Sunday Breakfast meet - 09.00 14th Sept - Super Sausage Cafe


5ht to 7th Sept. - Scotland Rally



12th to 14th Sept. Blues n Screws Rally - Eng X (Sussex)





October 2014


 Sunday Breakfast meet - 10.30 - 11.00 12th October - Super Sausage Cafe - Weather Permitting

(Come in the car if it's bad)




November 2014 



Wed. 19th Nov. Evening get together - The Narrow Boat, A5, Weedon - 7.30pm 


Sunday Breakfast meet  - 11.00 9th November - Super Sausage - Weather permitting

(Come in the car if it's bad) 






December 2013 



Wed. 17th Dec - Evening get together - The Narrow Boat, A5, Weedon - 7.30pm


Christmas Do - Watch this space - probably in January now due to shift working etc.