hope i get to join very soon...gary
Just wanted to prove that I visit the site!!!
I hear your comments and the Gallery is now open to all.

Sorry for the delay in your comments being posted. Posts have to be approved first but there is no warning that a comment has been posted, you have to go and look. You live and learn. Thanks for your kind comments though.

thought I'd better sign as i'm Vice president, better late than never !!!!!
just browsing the site (again!) It's a shame that non members cannot see any photos- might sell the idea of membership to people!
Hi all. Hope to meet some of you this summer.
Great looking site, very professional. I will attend one day!!!!
for those that went on Sunday, a moving experience.
A really great site Steve. One of the best in all of the UK chapters!
Looking forward to the year ahead and perhaps some new members resulting from our new website.
Well done mate! Great looking Site!
Why password protection on the Gallery ?

Otherwise very smart.
Hi Steve,

Looking good
Steve, this site looks great. well down.